Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is a Miracle Field different than a traditional baseball field?

Answer: The surface is completely flat and rubberized. The bases and chalk lines are painted onto the surface. This eliminates the uneven surface of a traditional field that would otherwise create obstructions to walkers or wheelchairs, as well as those who may have vision impairments. The rubberized surface also absorbs more impact than the dirt or grass of a traditional field. This helps lower the risk of injury. The dugouts are also designed to be more accessible than traditional dugouts, allowing access to walkers and wheelchairs. The field is also smaller than a traditional field. Less distance between bases and a smaller outfield means the ball doesn’t have to travel as far when throwing or batting, and the player doesn’t have to run as long.

Question: What is a Buddy?

Answer: A Buddy is a volunteer who will be on the field to assist players with batting, throwing the ball, and running the bases.

Question: How do I know if the Miracle League is right for my child?

Answer: Only you and your child can really know if Miracle league is right for them. We strongly encourage you to try it out. Keep in mind, we do have buddies to help assist them every step of the way if they need it.

Question: When are the practice games?

Answer: There are no practice games. Please refer to the Season Schedule or Contact Us and we can let you know when your game days are.

Question: What is included in the Registration fee?

Answer: The registration fee comes with the team uniform and hat,  wallet photo, team photo, and a medallion trophy.

If you have any other questions, please contact us:

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