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“There is nothing more heart warming than to see children playing America’s pastime, baseball. But for children facing serious physical and mental disabilities, that opportunity isn’t always easy to achieve. Baseball diamonds are not exactly designed for athletes with wheelchairs or crutches in mind. With your help, we can remove these barriers and allow these special athletes to experience the joy of playing baseball.” The Miracle League of Stanislaus County (“MLSC”) has constructed a specialized baseball field and operates a league for handicapped youth.  MLSC’s field and program are modeled on the standards established by the National Miracle League Organization, which has assisted local communities in constructing over 240 fields nationally.


Welcome to The Miracle League Of Stanislaus County. The Miracle League of Stanislaus County is a non-profit organization focused on providing a safe and enjoyable team sport experience for children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities regardless of their experience level or ability. Players of all ages are welcome. We offer spring and fall playing season with capacity for approximately 400 players each season. To register as a Player, click here.

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The Miracle League of Stanislaus County is supported by Sponsors and Donors.  Miracle League fields remove the obstacles that arise from the natural grass fields used in conventional youth facilities. Miracle League teams play on a custom-designed, rubberized surface field which will accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive devices. In other words, it levels the playing field where children can hit, run and catch – just as they envisioned in their dreams!  Learn how to become a sponsor of The Miracle League of Stanislaus County, click here.


The Miracle League of Stanislaus County is supported by an army of volunteers.  At the heart of the volunteer program is our Buddy program.  Player buddies assist our disabled athletes throughout each season.  Our buddies are dedicated to their player partners and our program helps instill in our young buddies the importance of community service.  Our other volunteers include coaches, team parents, concession stand workers, and fundraisers.  To register as a buddy or volunteer, click here.

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The Miracle of Baseball


Miracles by definition are extraordinary events or actions that create feelings of Battchersurprise for those who witness and experience them. Walking on water and cheating death against all odds are examples that tend to foot the bill, but sometimes miracles aren’t as conspicuous. For some, the ability to play a game of baseball is a miracle unto itself.

Dalton Battcher is one such example. Born with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, scoliosis and other disabilities, playing baseball or any other sport didn’t seem to be a viable option. There just seemed to be too many barriers to overcome. Click Here to read more.

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